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What is Yoga and Somatic Awareness?

What comes to mind of most people when they hear or see the word "yoga" is an image of the Westernized practice of physical postures by flexible, thin people. This image couldn't be further from the truth about the practice of traditional yoga, where the body and the poses only just the "tip of the iceburg". Yoga is not a religion, either. It is a science that links our awareness of physical, sensory, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves together. The potential of yoga as self-therapy is immense.

Yoga is a practice that teaches you how to shift from the "thinking" function of the mind to the "sensing" function of the body. There is great wisdom to be experienced from learning to "listen" to the messages our bodies give us. Yoga as therapy doesn't just change behaviors but takes you to the

root of how behaviors occur in the first place, creating changes that last.


Some practices include:

  • learning the language of sensation with mindful practice of poses

  • awareness of the breath as a bridge from the outer to the inner world

  • understanding the functions of the mind, as you learn to  witness and dialogue with your thoughts


You will be introduced to a practice(s) suited just for you. You will increase your self-acceptance (and thereby acceptance/tolerance of others), strengthen your intuition, strengthen your immune system and decrease reactivity to your emotional states.

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