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Groups and Workshops

Collage Group

This group for up to 5 people and meets once a month for three hours. The intention is to gain deeper clarity and understanding of any issue in your life that you choose to focus on. No prior artistic experience is needed to join this group. You only have to recognize when an image jumps out and says, "pick me!" The images have their own language, the rich language of the psyche and soul. There will be time in each group for processing the images created.  $50.00 per group includes all materials.   

Broken Bowl TM  Find your Pieces... Return to Wholeness

This 7 hour workshop for up to 10 people will be announced at regular intervals throughout the year.  This workshop mirrors the practice of Kintsugi, repairing cracks in vessels with gold, and the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi which embraces transience and imperfection in yourself and others. Participants will receive a bowl to break and reassemble in this workshop. A variety of materials will be available to transform the pieces before reassembling.  Emphasis on creating a safe space is integral to this process of reflection and integration. This is a valuable tool to process grief and trauma as well as to "break the paradigm" of old patterns of relating to self and the world. 

$95.00 includes all materials and fees.  (we will not be using gold to repair the bowl)

Individual Sessions

I offer individual sessions via telehealth and in person. 

Self pay rate of $100.00 for 75 minute sessions. Sliding scale is available. 

I accept all Presbyterian Health plan insurances. 

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